A Local Vision for Kings–Hants

I’ve travelled across Kings–Hants since February listening to residents, community organizations, and small business owners. Based on what I’ve heard, I have a real sense of what matters and what I will work on as your Member of Parliament.

Advocating for Agriculture

Agriculture is the backbone of our communities and a strong part of our rural identity. Our agriculture sector in Kings–Hants is already diverse and has significant potential. As your Member of Parliament I will:

  • Be a strong advocate for our supply managed industries in Ottawa
  • Support the growth and promotion of local food options and sustainable farming practices;
  • Champion valuable agriculture research at both the Kentville Research facility and at Acadia University;
  • Promote a review of the Agri-Stability program with a view to increase help for farmers to manage risks – like climate change that are beyond their control.

Championing Local Culture

As a former competitive hockey player I know the importance of bringing communities together through culture like sports and the arts and will work with the groups that lead these activities in our communities. As your Member of Parliament I will:

  • Stand up for those organizations that create cultural and recreational initiatives in our communities;
  • Work with Indigenous communities to protect and promote their cultural heritage such as artifact repatriation.

Engaging Our Youth

We need to have young people engaged in their community and have a voice at the table. I will work hard to engage youth on the importance of democracy and to have their voices heard. As a Member of Parliament I will:

  • Establish a Kings–Hants Youth Council, which would bring youth (16-25 years old) together to discuss issues and opportunities in our communities;
  • Regularly engage with local schools to understand the issues facing the next generation.

Expanding Trade and Tourism

Home to the highest tides in the world, the birthplace of hockey, and a growing wine and culinary industry, Kings–Hants is well positioned to continue its success as an international tourism destination. Our government has recognized this potential and we have seen significant investments to support the industry. As your Member of Parliament I will:

  • Celebrate the success of our wineries and support efforts to reduce inter-provincial trade barriers that restrict trade opportunities in this sector within our own country;
  • Encourage the development of shoulder and off-season events like the Ice Wine Festival that can draw visitors in non-peak periods;
  • Back increased support for tourism infrastructure that meets local needs for things like Burntcoat Head Park, which has made our incredible tidal shoreline accessible to events like Dinner on the Ocean Floor.

Protecting Our Natural Environment

The climate crisis will be the defining issue of our generation, and our coastal communities and agricultural land are vulnerable to its effects. Our government recognizes this and I’m ready to tackle the challenge. As your Member of Parliament I will:

  • Work with all levels of government to ensure that communities have access to the resources they need to prepare for the effects of climate change. The government’s Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund is already funding the strengthening of our dike systems and municipalities need to know that the federal government will be there to continue in additional ways as required;
  • Advocate for investment in renewable energy sources and deliver the Liberal commitment to cut corporate taxes in half for businesses that develop technologies that have zero emissions.
  • Plant 2 billion trees to meet emissions targets and engage with local private woodlot owners to create sustainable carbon sinks.

Supporting Small Businesses

Small businesses create good jobs and help keep our economy moving forward. This means establishing close relations with the Acadia Entrepreneurship Centre and the two local chambers of commerce in Kings–Hants. As Member of Parliament I give the support they need to succeed, by:

  • Helping launch new businesses through the Business Development Bank of Canada and the new Canada Entrepreneur Account which can provide up to $50,000;
  • Cutting red tape by eliminating the “swipe fee” on HST and GST for credit transactions, and all fees from the Business Development Bank of Canada, Export Development Canada, and Farm Credit Canada, for business advisory services like mentorship and training;
  • Implementing a voluntary, real-time e-payroll system to automate records of employment so that small businesses no longer have to submit detailed records to Service Canada.